My first Urbex adventure in an old famous Spanish club

This is a short recap of my first Urbex adventure. I always wanted to take pictures in old buildings and during my vacation we crossed several old houses. I told myself that I should visit one of those places. So one day I took my car and went to search for those houses. To my surprise i came across and old discotheque. This club used to be the famous Paladium in the late 60s and 70s, when i looked it up. More can be found here:

Paladium Jordi Julia fotojpg

It was a hot place back then and a lot of famous people visited the place, like Birgit Bardot. That always gives an extra excitement. That was the place i visited and photographed. There was not much left but it was an exciting journey. I played with ISO, shutterspeed and HDR. I used my Olympus OM-D Mark iii camera. In such a dark place it is always important to look at your ISO and shutterspeed. There were also some places in which the contrast between dark and light was high and there i used the HDR/bracketing functionality of my camera. It shoots in 3 different stops and it combines those shots into 1 shot with good lightning.

Here are some of the results.

f/3.5   1/400sec  ISO200  14mm

f/3.5  1/60sec  ISO-200  14mm

The next picture was shot with different exposures due to the light through the window and the darkness inside.

f/3.5  1/10sec  ISO-200  14mm  0.5stop

f/3.5  1/10sec  ISO-200  14mm


It is not always nice and that is what i discovered when entering another house. When I was shooting some photos a guy came down from the stairs. He was all talking Spanisch and I did not understand a bit of it. I only could translate the words cocaine, hashes and police. I friendly said goodbye and that i was only taking pictures, but it was clear that this was a house for drugs.
Empty houses are used by people that do not have a home, so be carefull when entering such a place ! It was a little scary but fortunately everything went fine.

f/4.8   1/640sec  ISO-200  27mm


It was a very good learning experience and it was a lot of fun. You really get to know your camera settings and play with them. Definitely worth a second time !

  • Know the bracketing possibilities of your camera
  • Take your tripod with you, because you may not be able to shoot out of your hands and need a longer shuttertime
  • Prepare where you can find old buildings
  • Have fun !